Monday, March 14, 2011

Miss is Rindu

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

Hi peps , I was freaking missed En.Halim . Grr , 2 month didn't see his face and now I'm here to see you but where are you ? We're never been apart from you since I was born .

So last night , by the time I was dreaming , Mawok call me and I was freaking slumber but he was like " dear , don't you have any story to tell me bout your new school ? " Grrr damn it ! -.-'' and now I was like +__-'' sumpah pening kepala wokk ! He call me around 2 am and he allow me to sleep around 5 am . God damnit ! Thank god I love you .

And today , I didn't go anywhere and I don't know where to go . Haha , it better stay at home and do all my homework aite ? Wee , *sejak bila Nadia jadi rajin nie ? Haha

-till then-