Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello World

Taylor Swift - Speak Now

Hi , I'm totally bored right now . I do have a lot off story to tell ya but yeahh , I don't know where to start . Its all about my hostel life , my classmate , my roommate , and all my friends :) So far , all folks SMTSP are nice . Ohh ya , if you guys know Wawa (Siti Salwa Shahabuddin ) , she just moved to SMT Kuala Selangor :'( We'll miss you Wawa . 3 month we've spend time together . Almost everything we're doing together ( accept for the privet things that I've do by my own ) but now , you're gone . How could you leave us ? But I know you , you must've your own reason right ? 

So here , I want to apologize to you if I did do anything that might hurt your feelings . I know , 3 month we build this friendship I did do a lot of random shit . Yeahh sometimes I drive everybody cuhrayzeee till 3 a.m :D Haha but please , forgive me okay ? Keep in touch okay !