Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello Kitty

Paramore - The Only Exception

Ain't this lappy was so COOL ? Well , I think it is :D could you but this for me ? Haha , i'll ask my dad later . Probably he will say " You've got your own lappy , so , why do you need the new one ? Jangan membazir adik " haha ( jahat nya aku nie haha )

Hello guys :)

I'm sick today , err actually I'm having a fever since I've get back from my mom's house -.-'' my nose were bleeding , besides I'm having a sore throats . Ouhh what a day ! My sayang always asking me to take my medicine , he was like " sayang , makan laa ubat ! Tadi I rasa badan you panas ohh , makan ubat ehh sayang , you sayang I kan " gezz ! He always like that . But sokay , from that I know that he love me :) kan sayang ? Haha -.-

So after isya' my mom ask me to accompany her to photo shop to take my little brother's photo . Yolaa adik saya nak masuk tadika next year ! Haha , ape la tu pun nak bangga :p Hahaha ! Suka hati den la .

Okay I'm done !
See you next time , so long .

-till then-