Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello Sunshine

My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na

Hi ,

Sorry for not updating this little bloggie of mine for such a long time . I just don't have any story to tell ya . So , im just get back from Puchong , which means my mom house . I've spend my weekends there since on Saturday is my mom's birthday . I don't gave her any present because I just dont know what to buy . But Faiz treat us for a delicious yummy cake that he buy from Secret Recipe :) so , a thrill thanks to him .

Sunday is the most boring day of my entire life ! I just lay down on the floor and non-stop watching TV ! We didn't go anywhere -.-'' and I was like " Ouhh common ! Its sunday mom , ain't we supposed to go out somewhere ? " but I just said that in my mind so no one could heard that accept me ! Haha , silly me !

And for today ( Monday ) I woke up early and straightly take my bath and dress up . Then ikut my mom to the KLCC and straight away to the maxis center , help her pindah barang cause errr' entah laa :p haha . After that having breakfast at Subway , yummy ! I ate like pig . Then , since I was toooooooo boring at home , I just buy THREE new books , with THREE different author , THREE different title and THREE different story . Bhahahaha ! And one of them is the BIG NATE ! Teehee , that was my favorite :D even though buku tu tulis " ages 8 - 12 " but who cares ? As long as I love it . Besides , Kinokuniya buat sale for Christmas , so I've got 30% discount for those books :D yeayyyy me !

Okay , so I finally met Mawokk saya ! Ouhh God ! I miss hime like hell ( padahal baru 3 hari tak jumpe , haha ) :p he got a new hair cut . I swear to god it was funny sayang ! Sorry to be told . Even nmapak smart sometimes but when the first time I saw you , I was like " OH . NO . HE . DIDN'T ! " but what can I do ? Hahaha ,

Well , I think im done . I'll write soon okay .
Bye :)

-till then-