Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PMR 2010

what is the meaning of LOVE ?


Hello people , four subject to go which means I've got six paper to finished ! Yeah thanked god ! So , its 6.13 p.m and I just get back for Diana's house , haha :) her mother's cooking was seriously delicious kot , sumpah tak tahan :p haha , well as you guys know , I've done for English and Geo today . The english paper 1 and 2 was like OUH-KAY but for the Geo paper was like =__+'' haha agak susah jugak laa , but so far still boleh jawab laa kan :) well speaking about exam , tadi time english paper two for section A , question tu tulis "not less than 120 words" guess aku buat berapa panjang ? Haha , aku sendiri pun sampai lost count taw tak ! Haha ,nak sangat panajang2 kan haha :D , and finally , aku biar kan aje , biar pemeriksa kertas tu kira sendiri :p haha , panjang kot .


Hey guys , guess what ? Today is IMAN's BIRTHDAY ! So happy birthday dude ! But pity you , tak dapat celebrate birthday kan ? Haha , sokay nanti I belikan present kay ! But first , we must finished our exam . After exam nanti kite sambung lepak-lepak ek ? Seriously best gile lepak dgn you , you're the best dude that I've ever had tahu :) . Guys , did you smell something ? Haha , if you did I guess its me ! I haven't take my bath yet , haha so now I'm of to shower :) babai .

Till then <3