Sunday, June 20, 2010

School :(

Ouh god ! Its school . I don't like school . Especially for Geografi subject . I don't even do the folio for goegrafi . I'm not too afraid about the teacher actually , the truth is , I'm really really really and super really scared about the mark . I don't want to failed . And I'm also afraid about the result for my examination two weeks ago . I really scared about Math paper because I didn't do it well . The question is not really hard actually , but I lost my focus on that paper because of one of our teacher will bersara , so the principle want to do some party . Ohhh shit . They were dancing , singing , laughing , and etc etc etc . All the student that wants to take the exam was complaining to the principle so we thought that the party will canceled a . f . a . p . But , it change to another senario , the principle buat bodoh jea when we were busy complaining to her . Damnit ! What kinda teacher are you ? Sanggup hilang kan focus kitorang demi cikgu yang nak bersara tu ? Mana lebih penting ? Cikgu tu or our exam paper huh ? Tak boleh kea buat after exam is done ? Tak pun time "perkampungan ilmu" tuh kea , macam lah tak bole nak arrange . Grrrr ! And if I failed for that paper , its all your fault . Or , if yea pun nak buat party tu , tak payah lah sampai nak pasang speaker kuat2 I lost my focus TAHU ! Grrr ! I hate this ! Don't be selfish la .


So , today was okay jea lah . Guess what ? Today is Father's Day ! Heee , Happy Father's Day ayahh . May Allah bless you every time that you breath . Hihihih . Hmmm , I woke up at 12p.m today . Well actually , its not too lambat too me because I was asleep at 5.30a.m . Hahaha . Gayut punya pasal lah nie . Hihih . He called me last night and we were talking like there was notomorrow . We juat talk , talk , talk and talk until we were not realized that it was 4 o'clock . Hahaha . Well , as you know , Imma super duper talktive person kan . Hihihih . So , after saying BYE2 I hanging up the phone . Then I want to have some drink . So I did , I have a nice hot milo . Then I went to bed .


And for tomorrow , school is on just like always . I want to go to the holiday with my family lahhhh . But my dad is too busy with his job . Hee biar lah , dia sayang kerja dia :) hmmm -.- Every day my father will staring at me and say "PMR is just around the corner , adik , no more holiday , no more jalan2 just duduk dekat rumah jea . Baca buku" Haishhh , dad , I know , I'll study hard for you , I'll get 8'A for you (insya'allah) , I'll get in to MRSM just like you want to , I'll do anything that you want but pleaseeee don't pressure me ! I know every fathers want his kid get 8'A in PMR . But pleasee don't keep asking me to do this and that . Okay ! But anyways , Happy Father's Day . And Happy get back to school :)

Till then :)