Saturday, June 19, 2010

p/s: I Love You :)

H E Y !! H O O !!

Hey guys , how are you ? Today is pretty cool because I just sat at home quietly and do nothing . Heeee pretty awesome to me lah kan because selalu nye aku nih bukan nye reti duduk diam-diam dekat rumah . Asyik nak merayap jea keje . Hihih . Goshhh ! I'm online-ing from 1.30 p.m. until 6.30 p.m. Wow ! So , lest calculate how long did I've been sat infront of my laptop. Hahaha. I woke early today . Its 10.30 a.m. Hihih . Better than semalam , hihih , after taking my bath , I went down and watch the TV , I'm soo sleepy that time , and I think want to sleep again , hihih . So , I lay down at the sofa , but then , my dad coming home . When he just take a couple step to get in the house , he shout and say :

"Ya Allah ! Anak dara sekor ni baru nak bangun tido ? Heyy ! You know what's time is this right?"

"Yeah I know lah . Adik dah mandi okay . Tak pasal2 kene marah lak . Grrr!"

"Eleh , jap lagi mesti tido balik lah tuu . Hahaha"

"Eh eh . Taw2 jea kan . Hehehe"

"You're my daughter kan . Mesti lah tahuu"

RED : my dad
BLUE : me

Haishhhh! Whatever lah daddy . Whatever you like lah okay ? Okay move on , just now Mirul texted me , I feel so malas to reply text dia . Hmmm , at last I reply jugak . Haha . While text with him , I'm online-ing my Facebook . Goshh ! There was so many people adding me TAHU !! So , I'm too busy approve-ing them all smpai tak sempat nak reply chatting orang . Haha . Very sorry guys . Around 3.20 p.m. I was online-ing my YM . I was chat with Mad and Tasha at the same time . I'm so bored that time , so I decide to WEBCAM with Tasha . Ouhh godd ! It was so fun . I wrote something on a piece of paper and show it to Tasha , then she snap it and send it to me . Hahaha . I Love You BFF :) You are the greatest friend that I ever had . We were being a friend since we were standart 1 or 2 right ? It was such a long time kan ? Hihihih . And from that time till now , we were never had a fight kan ? That is because I LOVE YOU soo much . I'll upload the picture *our webbie pic later lah ek . I'm kindda busy right now . I didn't meet Farah and Nad today . Hahaha . Never mind laa . I have Tasha Cayunkk today . Hihihi. Well , speaking about Farah , hmmm around 7.45 p.m. she called me . I thought that she has something interesting story to share with me , this is our conversation :

"Hello Ya ?"

"Iye , wazzzup ?"

"Wei , aku nmpak sorg mamat ni sebijik mcm Fami doe ."

"Ouh iye ? Knape ? Pendek jugak kea?"

"Ha'ah doe , dari jauh sumpah mcm dia , tp bila tgok dekat2 lain laa"

"Hahaha . So , kau tegur tak ? Comel tak ?"

"Tak nak aku tegur . Maluu . Hihih . Tak lah comel mana pun . Mcm Fami gak cume muka dia without jerawat lah . Hahaha"

"Ape lah kau , jerawat org pun kau tgok ? Hebat"

"Mesti r . Kay r wei , aku nak smbung keje lah . Daaaa"

"Okay daaa."


See ! Its about a guy named FAHMI ! Hahaha . He is Farah ex-boyfriend laaa . No wonder lah she still got a big crush on him . Ahaa . Sorry Farah :D

Ahaa . If I'm telling you guys about their LOVE STORY *fara and fami , I think it would take a pages . Its too much drama lah derr . Hahaha .

Okay . I'm gonna stop blogging now . I'm sleepy lah kawan . Okay bye2.

Till then <3