Monday, June 21, 2010

Folio :)


Hello guys , today was fucking awesome , because tadi at school , we were not studying anything . Hihih . I loikee , but it doesn't mean that i don't like to study , I LOVE STUDY , but the teacher and the people at the school that makes be being like LAZY hihih :D sorry guys , terkutuk pulak . Hahaha . But anyways , it was really awesome . So , during the recesses time me , Farah , and Nad were lepak dekat ICT just like we were always did . Kita orang tak makan pun TAHU ! Malas seyhh . Hehe , sume malas ape lah kami nih kan ? Haha . Okay enough ! Back to the story , time we were lepak-ing , tetibe jea FIQ came and ask me to BLAH sebab he wants to talk with Nad for privet , since Farah wasn't there , so , I pun juat blah laa . But then , after a few second , Farah came form no where and she just want to join me but Nad tak bagi . Then Farah pun ajak lah aku sekali join dia tgok Nad and Fiq yang sedang melakon kan aksi Farid Kamil dalam cite Lagenda Budak Setan yang menagis teresak-esak apabila mandapti bahawa Lisa Surihani telah married dengan Que Haidar (bapak skema sial ayat HAHA) . But unfortunately , they were drama-ing just for a few minutes and aku masih tak sempat nak amek fell . Hahaha . After sesi drama berdrama-ing habis , we went to koperasi to buy some drink , then went back to at "the shooting place" hihih . But the drama is over , no more tears , no more maki-maki time , no more shout meng-shout-ing time . Hahaha , I fell so bored . Bla bla bla bla ;D


When we (aku and Faiz) just arrive at home , I saw my dad is at home , then , I just ignore him and went to my room . Take my bath and get some change , going down stairs and had some drink . I watch a movie just about 30 minutes then I'm going up stairs , it was really bored story . Amenda tah tajuk dia , lupa lak . Hihih . Hmm , around 3.45 p.m. And now , I'm , blogging and tell you guys this shits story that i know you will click the [x] button after this . Hihih . Hmmm , ouh ya , after get back from school , I just watch the TV just for 30 minutes right ? Well actually , I went up to my room , and guess what ? I'm doing my folio for geografi dudeee . Yeahh ! Finally , I'm doing it by my self kot . Heee . Okay , and now I'm doing my folio again , so ..

Till then <3