Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Holiday

Hello guys,
Sunday : Went to Cheras with my dad.
Monday : Chill with Mad at Permai.
Tuesday : Pavillon with friends.
Wednesday : Chill with some others firend at permai. At night, went back to Bangi.
Thursday : Chill at home, MAYBE went to Farah's house or Nad's.

Look guys, I didn't add "chill at home, while doing folio for Geo". Haha. I'm too lazy for that. But, if I'm doing that folio pun, denagn kawan2 lah.

Last Tuesday, I'm watching The Karate Kid at Pavillion. OMG ! Best siall. You should watch the movie. And i bet, you'll love it.

Hihih. Okay, gotta go now. Bye