Saturday, June 12, 2010

12 June 2010

Hello guys. How's your day? Hope you're great huh! I woke up around 10.45 a.m. because Mad text me. Grrrr! Damn you Mad!! Go away!! Don't disturb me again laa bodo. Hahaha. Okay enough with him. Then, I'm take my bath and watch tv. Text Harris and ask him where is he because I wanna returned his phone. Looks like someone TGH MERAJUK!! Hahaha. Well, his gf is getting mad at him. Haha pity him. And then, I went back home.

After a while, Farah's mother called me and ask me to come over at TMX-fashion (kedai baju la). so I rush there. Pick up Farah and then went to Nad's house. Its raining so heavily! Grrrr BASAH!!! Ahahaha sian aku kan?? Then, we went to water park at Semenyih (i guess) Hahaha. Well I'm not using any sun block. Hahaha ingat kan kebal tadi. Haha. So now, my face is burned! Grrr. I'm black now. Hahaha. Ahh lantak laa. Nnt putih laa balik kan? Hahaha. Well, we having so much fun there. We're dancing like hell, make a noise and disturbing people. Hahaha. But then, something funny gila happened. There's one kid, his name is Dominieque *betol kea eja? Haha.Well, he is 12 years old and he is from Australia but now, he live at Cyberjaya. He was so cute and tall. Hahhaha. He was so shocked when i tell him that I'm 15 years old. Hahaha. He said that 8 over 10 people in Malaysia is kindda cute *pendek! Hahahah. I'm laughing like hell. It was so much fun having a conversation with him. He was a nice person and funny too. When we were chat, his sister come over and told him that their parents want to go home. So he said BYE2 to us *me, Farah and Nad. Hahahaha.

Emm, I'm very tired today swimming in the pool whole day long so yeah, I think I should get some rest now. So BYE2.