Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23 JUNE 2010 :)

H E L L O : )

Hello readers , how are you today ? Great ? Good ! Hihih . Today was nothing laa . School was okay jea , except for my exam paper . Teacher has returned the exam paper to us , and guess what ? My result was fucking suck ! Hahaha . I've failed for Math paper , but anyways its okay because just like I said on my previous post . Huhuh , I'm really upset with my exam result . Haha , but dad said that was okay because sometimes we will going down , life is just like a tayre , sometimes we were down , and sometimes we were up . Its okay , I'll try my best for PMR . I really hopes that I'll get 8As in PMR . Ouh god ! Please help me to make my dad proud with me as he is proud with my brother because he got the highest mark in his class for Add Math paper . Hmmm :( Well , actually , I miss someone laa . I think I'm fall in love with him . But as a girl , I must wait for him to make the first move , but he just treat me as his besties kot . Grrr ! Damn you lah bodoh ! Hurry up boy , I'm getting bored of waiting for you . Cepat laa sikit . Don't you ever realized that I've got a big crush on you ? Look , how stupid you are ! Haha . But anyways I still love you . Haha . Hmmm :( I've finished all of my folio and I hope there is no FOLIO anymore ! I'm sick with it ! Dengan segala bagai kertas yang ada , buat aku rase sakit ati jea bila tgok bilik aku ni bersepah denag kertas2 ni hah ! Hurrmmm I'm tired laa , tomorrow I've to accompany Farah and Nad to their tournament (BOLA TAMPAR) . Actually , I was in , but since I don't fell want to play , so aku pun tarik lah diri . Malas laa , cukup laa sekadar melihat . Hahaha *ayat gila skema . Ahh lantak laa skema kea tak yang penting aku happy . Haha . Ouh shit ! I forgot , I need to pick up Nad at her place tomorrow . Ouh god ! I bet I would be so tired tomorrow , so I'll not to updated my blog tomorrow okay !


Okay , that's all for this post soo

Till then <3