Saturday, March 19, 2011

Till We Meet Again

Britney Spears - Someday I Will Understand

Dear all readers :)

Hi , okay lets starts with shopping . I woke up around 9 am and watch TV until my mom ask me to take my bath . Then we send Danish to his tution and we went for lunch . Around 2 something my dad call me and ask me whether I wanna follow him to KL and I said YES ! Haha , siapa tanak shopping kan :p Then after a while I remember bout my shoes , and I tell my dad " Abahh , nak kasut Vans " and my dad said OKAY , so kami pun pergi laa cari kasut tu , haha but the funny part is , KASUT TU TAK JUMPA  and my dad pulak yang beli kasut lain :'( Nak melaram gak pergi sekolah . Haha gila tade keje nak pergi sekolah pakai kasut Vans , but , like I do care bout it la kan ! Hahaha , its my money so I can buy what ever I want , hehe maybe takde rezeki nak melaram kasut tu kat sekolah kot haha .

Second , its about my school uniform . Last monday , I've sent it to tailor shop and the tailor said " okay you datang balik on Saturday okay " and I said Okay . But since today I've been shopping all day long with my dad smpai terlupa nak take back that school uniform , grrr ! Tomorrow I want to go back to school ! But then my dad said that he will post it to school :) *wink wink hilang satu problem HAHA ! What a tired day isn't it ? Yes it is , pheww !

And finally , I'll get back to Penang tomorrow . I'll leave you for such a long time . Goodbye bloggie , UMARUL SYAFIQ if you read this , I want you to know that I love you so much and please be honest with me . I setia dengan you okay ! No one could take your place , remember that okay darling . And guys , sorry if since I've moved to Penang kita tak contact , yeahh tak kan laa nak call semua orang yang ada dalam contact kan , hee . Nanti cuti sekolah kita lepak sama-2 okay !

Goodbye guys , bloggie , and all readers
-till we meet again-