Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back To School

Akon - Be With You


Hi , so as you know . On 3rd January 2011 , all the students have to get back to school after a long time HOLIDAY ! From now on , no more wake up late , no more sleep at 5am :D no more on call till morning . Haha , kesian kan ? So , HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL :) 

Yesterday , I went to school and all the 4 former have to attend to the hall untuk agih2 kan kelas . So , I got ACCOUNT class , woo hoo ! Cool , my class for this tow days is 4 TV 1 , Farah ? Dapat tasawur islam beb ! Haha , anak ustaz kan :p Hahaha . But sadly , I dapat jadi budak acc only just 2 days . On wednesday I don't need to go to smk jalan reko anymore because I'm moving to SMT Seberang Perai , Pulau Pinang . And hopefully everyone was nice there :) and for smk jalan reko students , thanks for all the memories guys , especially for my ex-classmate . YOU'RE TOTALLY ROCK ! I'll never forget all of you .
Ohh , speaking bout my classmate , Nazihah , Nisa , Siew , Lim and Azali dapat science class wokk ! Biasa laa , budak pandai kan :)

Ouhh ya , I've being missing my sayang for a few weeks . And tomorrow , I'll be going to Penang . So how the hell that I'm going to see him ? Hmm , harap2 you tak cari another person kay sayang ? Tunggu I taw !

-till then-