Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bittersweet Memories

Katherine McPhee - Terrified

Hi ,

I'll be back to Bangi tomorrow :( seriously I'm gonna miss all my friends here . Especially you Umarul Syafiq ! I'll miss you so damn much ! I miss everything bout us . I wanna hug you every single day in my life , I wanna kiss you every minutes . But what can I do ? 2010 has a lot of memories that I don't want to forget it . On 26.6.2010 we've been in love with each other till now . Having my PMR examination and it really stressed me out ! Sorry to everyone kalau aku ada sakit kan hati korang sume this year !

Huh , you know what ? Finally I called Myra and ask her what does she want from Marul and she said " aku saja je sebenarnya , aku jealous laa tengok Facebook dia . Asal status dia jea tulis nama kau , bf aku tade lak buat mcm tu . Lagi pun aku suka kat Marul tu and bla bla bla " and by the time she finish her word and said goodbye , I cried . I cried a lot , sumpah sedih bila dia cakap " kalau kau nak tahu sangat ape yang aku penah buat dengan Marul , ape yg aku msg dgn dia , tnye la dia sbb aku tak kan cakap " and that word make me wanna kill her right now ! Hey listen here you silly girl ! Kalau puki kau dah gatal sangat , pergi laa cari orang lain , nak ajak bf aku memantat dengan kau tu kenapa bodoh ! I really hope you change your attitude woman !

After we ended our conversation with goodbye , I straight away texted Marul and ask him everything and he was like " huh ? Pehal nie ? Pehal ? Amenda you merepek ? " haha ! And now , I still confused . Who are the liar actually ? Is it him ? Or Myra ? I know Myra is a bitch and everyone don't like her , but when she said like that . That's make me suspect something bout Marul and I hate this situation ! The question that always keep in my mind from this evening till now is , who are the liar ? Does Marul lie to me or Myra did it ? Ouhh pleasee ! I'm stuck with this situation now . I can't trust people easily because they end up running everything .

I fell mad at him from that evening until something happened at Jai , he spit up all his Nasi Lemak that he ate just now at there . At that time , I was like " ouhh sian sayang aku sakit " haha , and that's why aku dah kurang marah dahh :p hahaha ! Aku pulak suka tengok muntah org , haha . But someone will throw up after they saw other people throw up , but that was absolutely not me ! Ahaa , aku tengok adik aku berak time aku tengah makan tak kisah ape pun :p hahaha ! Ape lak aku merepek nie ? Haishh

Okay guys , its time for me to sleep now , Marul called me just now and say " you tido taw sayang , jangan online pulak " hehe , okay sayang ! Nak tidur la nie .

I'll write later ,

-till then-