Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey guys , long time no write :p hahaha *bodoh punye ayat ! Okay , okay so , on 6.11.2010 , i went out with my biebie and some other friends :) but kejap jea laa kan . Haha , god damint ! I've to wait for him for an hour ! Lambat betol laa mamat sekor nie , dari peluh aku basah samapi kering tahu tak ? Haha but nevermind laa , sokay ! As long as you came , then jalan-jalan , shopping-shopping , gelak-gelak , makan-makan , and bla bla bla then balik :p haha *malas nak cerita laa nnt conform panjang gile wook ! Sorry sayang !

And yesterday which is 7.11.2010 , nothing happen . And it such a boring day to me :p teman my mom pegi giant and beli barang , after that balik rumah and tengok tv plus online sampai pukul 1.30 a.m. then baru tido , bored isn't ? Haha yeahhhh i know :)

For today , its kinda tired day for me , and actually , i just get back from farah's date time :p haha . And im sleepy right now . Guess what ? I woke up at 5 a.m. today and around 7 a.m. went to KLCC with my mom , after having our breakfast with my mom's friend , they straight away to her office and me ? Went to Kinokuniya and i've found this one awesome book !

The Dark Planet by Patrick Carman :) sounds amazing right ?Believe it or not , i've bought it for just only RM 25.90 . Yeahh , my reading mood just came and im gonna start read it tonight :D hey there , im gonna take my bath now , so i'll write tomorrow :)

BYE :)

-Till then-