Saturday, October 9, 2010

Skype -.-?

Hello earthling :)

Hey Dude !

Hey guys , wazzup ? I've just finished downloading Skpye and now , memang sumpah still tak reti nak guna :p haha . Pity me rite ? Haha , so dah memang agak noob skit lah psal Skype nih kan . If you have Skype , do add me !
Skype : yaya-aww

Ouh yeah , ibu came to my place last night and aku pun offer laa dia and iman tido kat sini . Time aku tgh webcam dgn Tasha Cayunkk , boleh pulak si iman nih menyebok , haha grrrr ! Tapi dapat webcam kejap jea doe , iman nak guna laptop :( now , he's adored at Rihanna tahu ! Haha , tah berape kali ulang tah lagu "Rude Boy" . Can't wait for October 11th . You can kiss my ass Mr.PMR ! Haha , but right after PMR , what should i do ? Hmmm , any idea ? Or maybe i should stayed at home and menggemuk kan diri ? Damnit ! Im fat , sume org ckp "hey nadia , dah gemokk laa" or "hey budak gemuk" or something like that laa , but who care ? I love to eat , i love to sleep , i hate jogging and imma really really really a lazy person . Haha :p

I think im done , no awesome story to tell you :)
I'll write later .

Till then <3