Monday, August 16, 2010

Trail PMR


Evening everybody , it's 9.16 p.m. and currently I'm studying Geography because tomorrow I've got Geog and English paper , well today's paper was kinda OKAY *i guess haha :p and for BM2 paper was fucking hard . For the section C , i choose question number 5 and i have to write some story about this one peribahasa "kalau tidak dipecahkan ruyung , manakan dapat sagunya" goshh ! I don't have any idea what should i write , my brain were blank that time and suddenly my head was seriously fucking sakit tahu ! Arghh , the section B question make me sick of it , they ask me to write something about faedah-faedah diadakan sambutan Hari Kebangsaan , then i was like "watafak , how should i know ? I've never celebrate it before (celebrate yang betul punye patriotik lah)" then , i try to look at pika's paper but her hand writing was too small , i can't even see a word ! Farah pun same gak dohh ! Hang boleh tak tulis besar2 sikit dok ? Senang skit cek nak tiru , hehe :) well , during the recesses , i , farah and nad went to the landskap (since the library was full) to study2 ayam for history . Haha :p and alhamdulillah , the question was not too hard but i'm not saying that it was easy , Lim siap cepat gilaa doe haha :0 since i was sat behind siew , so , i can see everything , wahhh bahagia nyaa hidup :p . So guess what , during the examination , from the beginner to the last paper , i wasn't sleep at all , wahhh congrats nadia :D haha (tu pun nak bangga) then after school , farah and nad lepak kat rumah aku , bajet nak study lah kan , but actually diorg dtg nak melantak , haha :D tak puasaa ! Me too , but at lease it is in my house , so boleh di katakan aku nih hormat lah jugak org yang puasa kann , hihih :p not like diorg , dtg rumah aku semata2 nak menghabis kan segala benda kat dalam rumah aku , haha :) *guys , cukup bulan aku hantar bill haa , bayar balik ! haha :p so now , i want to continue my study for tomorrow , wish me luck guys ! Bye :)

Till then <3