Friday, August 20, 2010

Thanked God :)


Hello earthlings,

hey , its Saturday night !

Hello readers , thanked god my exam is over (i-guess-so) and now , tgh nak tunggu result jea ohh ! haha :p i mean like sume paper yang penting2 sume dah habis , tinggal paper Seni jea , i hate seni ! I hate drawing , because i cant draw , even a cat or a dog or a human face or even an orange ! If i do , all of them would look like SHIT , haha :D im telling you the truth . Hey ! Look at the time now , its 12.30 a.m. and tomorrow i've got the sekolah ganti AGAIN , gosh ! The teacher make me sick with this thingy . Grr ! Datang sekolah bukan belajar pun kan , baik macam tak payah jea ohh (sebenarnye malas) haha :p bytheway , esok after school aku nak pegi Malacca , but its just for a couple days jea . Dont ask me why lah kan , sebab aku pun tak tahu kenapa perlu aku pegi Malacca . Haha :p well just now i was chatting with kak Jia and i fell sorry for her because of this one stupido girl , err what is her name huh ? emm Fathiah i guess , grr ! Huh whatever , i dont even care what your name is , but whatever it is , this girl huh , sesuka hati jea nak rampas BF orang ohh , dah laa dia yang terhegeh-hegeh mintak couple dgn si Wan tu , ewww please laa ! That was completely sooo lame :) boo yaah ! Could you just believe it ? Diorang dah couple almost 2 years dude , and that woman came and ruled everything . Are you some kinda ruffian huh bitch ? Ouh lupaa , kau kan gangster besar seraya kan ? Dasar samseng jalanan lah kau ! Mati baik laa dari hidup mnyusahkan orang . Enough ! Aku tak sudi doh nak cerita panjang2 pasal kau dalam blog aku , semak tahu tak ? Okay lets move on , my grandmother will stay at my house for 1week starting from this Sunday , alhamdulillah ada jugak orang nak masak for sahur ! Yeahhhh ! Im glad you're here , kurang sikit keje aku kan lepas balik skolah , hehe :p (mgambil kesempatan atas kesempitan org) wahh rude girl ! Hey ! its almost 1 a.m. , maybe i should stop blogging and get some rest because tomorrow i need to pick up fara , and went to school together , sooo

Till then <3