Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ask me no question and i'll tell you no lies

Next To You - Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber 

Hi guys , its been like an ages since the last time I've updated my blog . So here I am , back to blogging world :) and now as you know school is over and that means my final exam result is OUT ! OMG the panic button is switched on , haha wanna know my result ? Haha no need laa , my result are sucks mannnn , how the hell on earth I can get that such a silly thing ? Yelaa , sebab tak belajar la kan jadi macam tu . Haha , well actually Marul and I dah break but still contact each other just like a sweetest couple in the whole world . Haha , perasan much ? Yeah , I am .

So , how your life ? Pretty much ? Haha , me .

Okay now enough with that silly story and back to the reality . OMG , next year I'll be SPM CANDIDATES ! I cannot believe it , that means that I have only like a year to finished my spm and I am totally FREE ! Yeayy , that was the freedom that I wanted since I was standard 1 . Hehe , I'll not using that silly school uniform that makes me look like a cleaner at PULS highway . And that also means I've to struggle very very very hard next year to get an As for all subject insyallah :)

So , that's all from me we'll see you next time :) so long .

- till then -