Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Taio Curz - Higher ft. Travie McCoy


yeay , its school holiday but guess what ? My teachers give us like KEZILLION  homework to do during hari raya ! It was like duhh -.-'' NAK RAYA !!!!! So , nak tak nak I must finish that homework as fast as I could if nak raya dengan hati yang senang without think about homework anymore . 


yeah , its kinda fun thing if you can go back earlier that others because everywhere you go they'll say " ada orang tu nak balik dah " or " hmm , pegi laa balik KL hang tu . Takpayah balik sini balik pun takpa " or something else like that . But I know , deep inside them , they are all being jealous of me ! Ahaha , padan muka hangpa semua nohh !


I'm having a sore throat . I can't speak clearly because my voice just like shame to come out . OMG , sampai bila nak jadi macam nie ? Adoyyy , parah nie !

I'm done here :)

-till then-