Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kesha - Blown

HI ,

yesterday , my mom and I went to Sunway Pyramid for SHOPPING :) hee , after sending my mom's children to nursery we went there . At first , I wanted to buy a bag . But I've cancel it since I've found this store " Bronx Culture "

Their shoes were sooooooo damn COOL ! Jyeahh 

 at first I don't want to waste my money at shoes . But I can't control my self , this shoes was so cool ! So , I buy it . It cost RM259 after discount 30% I think its kinda good price because this shoe was imported from New York . This shoe is actually mens shoe , but girls can wear it also if you know how enrich it then you'll be fabulous ;)

So , today nothing better to do unless sleeping :) Thats my favorite part , hihih . I woke up at 8 am then I back to sleep again till 11 am . After that company my mom to giant to buy some groceries then back home and sleep AGAIN ;D My dad pick me up at Mom's around 6 pm , sampai je dekat rumah I terus show my brand new shoe at my brother and he was like " daaa , I also can BUY it laa " bhahaha he was so JEALOUS at me . Ouh ya speaking of jealous , he'll be jealous at me AGAIN cause tomorrow I'll be going to SINGAPORE with my dad and his girlfriend ( Kak yatie ) . We will spend 3 night at Johor Bahru ( I guess so ) but at day , we'll jalan-2 at Singapore :) Can't wait for tomorrow . Ouhh Kak Yatie is on her way here from Kota Bahru ,  and she'll arrived here at 6.30 am ( I guess so ) hihih .

Okay , I'll stop typing now .
goodbye :)

-till then-