Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goodbye :'(

don't be dismayed at goodbye . A farewell is necessary before you meet again . And meeting again , after a month or lifetime , is certain for those who are friend :)

Hello guys :)

Well , first of all , i'm starting to STUDY , wow ain't that is freak ? But , its a good thing rite ? Haha , its kinda errr =__=" actually , hmm lupe ke ? Nadia kan ? Haha biasa laa tu :p and of course , i do have my "study time table" at home , haha ! Way to go Nadia COMEL :p *err , yg nih mmg dah tak bole change* haha :D

And secondly, i think this post is gonna be the last post till my exam is over :( fuhh , its kinda sad actually isn't it ? Isk isk isk isk :'( but HEY ! Chill guys , its only 3 weeks . I know you gonna miss my crapping story and all my freaking story isn't it ? Relax guys , by the time my exam is done , i'll get back on track okay ?

So , till the exam is done okay ? Bye-bye-bye :'(

Nadia Batrisyia Abdul Halim :')


why does it take a minute to say "HELLO" and forever to say "GOODBYE" ? -Author Unknown-