Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Already Fifteen :D

if you love me , could you make this cake for me ?

H E L L O T H E R E !

Well as you know , 7 September is kinda familiar date to me , yeahhh ! I'm officially fifteen , and fifteen is a big number , sooo which means , im getting older and fatter , fuckk mann ! Trust me , i am . Haha but look at the bright side , i have 2 years more and school life is over , teehee !

TOP 10 :

Maghul <3
Harris gaga
Iman hebat
Iman (birthday boy)
Syakir BTHO

and bynak lagi , but aku dah tak larat nak taip bynk2 :p biasalah pemalass , haha . Maaf laa ye if nama anda tiada dalam list , hihih :) But it would be my pleasure if you could remains me that you also dah wish okay ? And the most important things is JGN LUPA BAGI HADIAH haha :p just kiddin :p

Hey ! I almost forgot , today is Iman's birthday too , so HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMAN ! I dont wanna give you any present because you're such a naughty boy , don't you know ? Hahaha :p but don't worry , i think Cik CT will make a birthday party for ya ! Alright then , let me stop till here , soo

Till then <3